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Kids learn to code with Max and Tobo, an interactive robot duo designed for ages 6-9. This real-life programmable robot introduces children to the exciting world of coding. The Tutobo team has combined an engaging educational toy with an intergalactic story and cutting-edge robot technology, inspiring young minds to learn coding through play.

Meet Tobo, a sweet alien robot, and his companion Max, who live on the enchanting planet of Ubu. Their mission? To follow special space phenomena. But one day, an extraordinary event disrupts the time and space of their galaxy, leaving Max and Tobo lost in the vastness of the cosmos. Fortunately, with Tobo's friendly guidance, children embark on an exciting learning journey in computer programming with this exceptional educational robot.

The board serves as the backdrop to an incredible adventure full of surprises, where kids interact and advance through ten captivating levels. Each level showcases the inner workings of coding and its practical applications while utilizing Max, Tobo, and real robot technology.

All it takes is a tablet app to teach kids how to code using Blockly, a language designed especially for beginners. With the help of the Max coding toy, children not only learn to code, but also help guide Max and Tobo on their search for home, as they travel the galaxy! Learning has never been so much fun.
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